Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Curry Chicken Salad

Whenever I fry something in my apartment, the smoke detector goes off! However, I don't see any smoke when I fry something. The smoke detector is so sensative. My cousin always advice me turn on the ventilator, but I forgot to turn on the ventilator all the time.

The following food is curry chicken salad.
For me, the two difficult things about frying chicken are making proper batter and knowing the proper temperature of cooking oil.

I believe that the picture of food contains more than recipe.

tip1 : scattering the bread crums onto the batter makes the fry delicious.


the following is the recipe of this food : http://www.cookscentral.com/recipe.asp?res=1243


Tee said...

You have made me very hungry!

We lived in a house a few years ago with a very sensitive smoke detector - but I always said - better that it's TOO sensitive than not enough, right?

Yummy pictures! :)

Kevin said...

Wow looks great.

Maybe your smoke detector is defective :)

william wray said...

I love curry---

Sharon said...

I love to cook and eat so I will be back to get some recipes and advice.

Patrick Leong said...

never try before 'curry' chicken salad. yummy ?

Jann said...

I am liking this! It's the heat that is setting if off...not the smoke!