Thursday, April 19, 2007

My Sweetheart!

My sister & My dog


My sweetheart!


When I was young, kimbab is a essential item of a picnic. (plus a bottle of coke)
Making kimbab is not so easy, not so difficult.
There are tips for making good kimbab.
1. How can cut the kimbab with remaining it's own shape : clean the knife with wet towel whenerer you slice the kimbab
2. roll the laver and wait one minute before slice the kimbab
3. When you cook the rice, add 1 tsp of vinegar. It makes kimbab more delicious.
4. When you roll the kimbab, adding mayonnaise and fresh sesame leaf makes kimbab more delicious.
below is the recipe of kimbab :

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Can you see that?

Can you see the Statue of Liberty?
I felt very cold at that time.
The goddess must be cold at that time! :)


When I serving a military service, whenever someone's sick, I made this kind of food. This food is good for patient, because it's easy to eat and easy to digest also. This food is delicious and contains lots of good ingredient.

Koreans eat this food a lot especially in summer to get energy. (Of course, you can eat this food all 4 seasons!) :)

This is one of my favorite food.
& it's simple to cook!

The following is the recipe of dak-baek-suk :

Monday, April 16, 2007

Kimchi Springroll

Several years ago, I was hanging around with my Korean 'gourmet' friend. We were drunk and hungry. And he took me to the humble restaurant. We ordered 2 pint of beer and spring rolls. It was my first time to taste the spring roll. The springroll in that restaurant was really good.
I can't forget the springroll in that restaurant even now.
Agree with me or not, I think springroll and beer are the perfect match!
I highly recommand you to hang around with 'springroll gourmet' friend.
Following is the recipe of Kimchi Springroll

- Ingredient
1/4 lb. kimchi
1/4 lb. shrimp
1/4 lb. squid
3 shiitake mushroom(Pyogo mushroom)
2 tsp sherry
2 tsp smashed spring onion
2 cloves of garlic
1 tsp soy saucesalt, pepper to taste
15 rice paperscooking oil
- Preparation
1. rinse the kimchi with fresh water and squeeze
2. soak the shiitake (Pyogo) mushrooms for 20 minutes and squeeze the water out
3. rinse the shrimp, squid with salty water and remove the shell & intestines
4. smash the kimchi, mushrooms, shrimp and squid
5. mix the sherry, onion, garlic, soy sauce, salt and pepper
6. mix all 4 ingredients with marinade
7. soak the rice papers with the hot water and wrap the marinated ingredients
8. sizzle the spring roll with cooking oil

Baseball and Hot Dogs!

Last Saturday was my first day to go to the baseball stadium in America. I didn't understand why my cousins are always watching baseball games. So, I went to Shea Stadium(in NY) to check out what is so funny with baseball. (In fact, I went there because I have free time and the weather was sooo good last Saturday! :=) )
It was METS vs. NATIONALS. I know nothing about American baseball at all. So, all I can do in the stadium was just enjoy the atmosphere of the spectators.
At the first picture, the person in the middle is me. My friends at the left and right made fun of my with my sunglasses all day long. Is my sunglasses too big? Whenever I wear this sunglasses, they told my I just look like a spy of North Korea! --; Even they tease me about my sunglasses, I like my sunglasses.
The seat was pretty good even it is just $2 ticket each. But, the price of hotdog and coke was around $10. The hotdog was just plain but it was so good because I was at the stadium and hungry. I thought if I brought hotdogs from my home, it was more delicious. :)
There is a recipe of Barbecued Hot Dog on the following :
Is there any good ways to sneak in my food into the stadium? :)

I love bulgogi.

I love bulgogi.
Maybe you love bulgogi, too.
Who don't like bulgogi?
If you never tasted this food, I highly recommand you eat this when you have a chance to visit Korea or Korean restaurant in your country.
Bulgogi is a marinated beef roasted with charcoal. Marinade contains soy sauce, sesame oil, sugar, black pepper, onions, garlic, soju(alcohol). Bulgogi is tastes better when you use honey instead of sugar. I think the quantity of the beef, onion and soy sauce is the most important when cooks this food.
Historically, Bulgogi is from ancient Korea country named "the Koguryo Dynasty"(BC 37). This food called 'Nubiani' at that time. There was no grill in the ancient time, so this food was roasted as a skewer.
'bul' (in 'bulgogi') means charcoal. bulgogi is delicious itself, but it's much more delicious when grill from charcoal. Charcoal adds more flavor to bulgogi.
I added recipe to following site :

Why I started to cook...

I'm a normal South Korean.
As you know, South Korea has a draft system even now in military. In April of 2002, I join to the military. At that time, I just thought that I would be a infantryman fight with rifle.
But, when I just entered in my company, one soldier on a cooks duty was wanted. So, I became a chef in my battalion. The chef was 4 members and battalion is consisted of 280 soliders.
This is why I stared to cook. Before that time, I never cooked!
This picture is about the time of the winter discipline. At the time of the discipline, I used to cook the rice and side dishes for 280 soldiers outside. Can you see the tool that I hold? That is a cooking shovel. It loos like a normal shovel, but it's just for cook! I never dig the ground with this cooking shovel, it's clean. :)