Monday, April 16, 2007

Why I started to cook...

I'm a normal South Korean.
As you know, South Korea has a draft system even now in military. In April of 2002, I join to the military. At that time, I just thought that I would be a infantryman fight with rifle.
But, when I just entered in my company, one soldier on a cooks duty was wanted. So, I became a chef in my battalion. The chef was 4 members and battalion is consisted of 280 soliders.
This is why I stared to cook. Before that time, I never cooked!
This picture is about the time of the winter discipline. At the time of the discipline, I used to cook the rice and side dishes for 280 soldiers outside. Can you see the tool that I hold? That is a cooking shovel. It loos like a normal shovel, but it's just for cook! I never dig the ground with this cooking shovel, it's clean. :)


Patrick Leong said...

is that you ? nice picture.

catalyst0527 said...

It's me.
Thank you. :)