Tuesday, June 5, 2007


There was my cousin's engagement party in Chicago last weekend. And I went to Chicago last early Friday to see my relatives and Chicago downtown also.
A day before short trip, I studied about Chicago for 3 hours and I focused on Grant park, John Hancock Center and the Art Institute of Chicago.
I was worried about the weather because I heard that the possibility of precipitation of Chicago was 30%. However, the weather was really good and I and my friend could enjoy the amazing atmosphere of Grant park. :)
Next time, we went to the Art Institute of Chicago.


This picture is drawn by Pompeo Batoni. I could feel the obvious contrast of masculinity and femininity. The mascular man in the armor and the beautiful woman with willow makes perfect harmony!



I have no information about this picture. But, I like the depict of woman's eyes.

And, another interesting picture.



On Saturday, I went to the John Hancock Center observatory. The scenery of Chicago was really good. I could see 360 degree of Chicago, Loop and Lake Michigan.


I stayed in Chicago 3 days with one of my relatives. It was really good time. The time in Chicago was totally different from New York. - peaceful- :)


Patrick Leong said...

i was there once many many years ago. it was winter and VERY cold. nice paintings. nowadays it is difficult to get visa to visit the states.

Anali said...

Nice photos! I'm going to Chicago in July!

catalyst0527 said...

I never been to Chicago in winter time. I heard that the winter in Chicago is very cold. :)

Sharon said...

I've never been to Chicago but who knows maybe one day. It looks like your days were full of fun!

feifeipinky said...

hi..i saw ur comment on my blog..thanks for dropping by.
nice blog u hv here. ^_^

Patrick Leong said...

it has been awhile. i hope all is well for you this summer.

Bradley said...

Chicago is a great city and has some fantastic restaurants. I have the good luck to get there a few times a year with work.

G.-mo said...

Hi, I wish you a happy new year :-))

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