Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Whenever feel bored or feel stress from something, making dong-gu-rang-ddang helps alleviate me.
To make this food, you have to mince all of the ingredients.
It takes time, but I like using knife. It feels so good to me. :)
Mix altogether with flour & eggs. And make the balls.
Apply the flour and eggs again. And fry.


Patrick Leong said...

i wonder how it taste with some shredded cheddar cheese in it ? cooking is one good way to de-stress. i eat to de-stress :P

catalyst0527 said...

Ok, patrick leong. :)
Next time, I'll try put some shredded cheddar cheese init and let you know how it is.

Sharon said...

I don't think I've ever seen sesame leaves what do they taste like and what else can be used if I can't find them?

catalyst0527 said...

If you can't fine the sesame leaves, you don't have to use that.

I just put the sesame leaves into the recipe just because I like that.

Anali said...

What a great blog you have here! I like the stories about the museum visits and the foods looks so good too! Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be back again! : )

Zach Leech said...

Those look really good! They seem like our american croquettes. and to Mr. Leong cooking is a great way to de-stress unless you work in foodservice. If you are at home it can be a de-stresser but at work... BAD.

Patrick Leong said...

no new postings ?

catalyst0527 said...

I was really busy.
There were lots of things in these days! :)

I'll put new posting this evening or tomorrow morning.~

Shrooms D. C. said...

Oh my! This looks just simple enough so that even I can try making it!
But I know that the mincing will take... several minutes. =^ ]

.::NirVy::. said...

cooking as a anti-stress therapy: that works! I should do it more often than I do... How are you dear? :o) hugs from Swizterland!