Monday, April 23, 2007

Seafood Pajun & Mak-gul-li

I like gold-crisp pajun!

Cut this food large chunks and share with family makes family happy! Don't forget the beaten eggs when you makes this food. Eggs makes pajun more crisp and tasty.

I think if you taste this food, you'll get to like crispy part of pajun. I like crispy part of pajun. It's good! :)

The following is the recipe of Seafood pajun.

-- Ingredient

1 handful of leek, 1/2 onion, 1 squid, 5 shrimp, 2 cups of flour, 2 eggscooking oil, salt, soy sauce, redpepper powder, pepper to taste

-- Prepare

1. rinse the leek and onion with fresh water

2. rinse the shrimp, squid with salty water and remove the shell & intestines

3. cut the squid into slice

4. mix the flour, salt, pepper with water

5. apply the cooking oil on the skillet

6. pure half of the batter and put the leek, onion, squid, shrimp and cook

7. pure the batter again on it and cook

8. pure the beaten eggs & soy sauce and cook slowly

-- Tips

1. Thick pajun is more delicious than thin pajun. Don't hasitate to pour batter!

2. Adding beaten eggs makes pajun crisp and delicious.

3. Pajun is more delicious when this mak-gul-li is added. :)

The following is the recipe of this food :


Patrick Leong said...

is this pajun something like jijimi ? did i get the word right ?

catalyst0527 said...

Wow! LOL.
Have you been in Korea?
There are many words for pajun.
jijimi, jijim, jun, buchimgae,..

pajun in a jun that contains leeks. :)

Patrick Leong said...

i used to have many korean friends when i studied in japan. i have been to seoul a couple of times as well as phoenix park for ski (chuncheon i think).