Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Train of India

I travelled India twice. (in 2004 summer & 2005 summer)
This picture is about my second India trip with my friends and professor. We travelled India for 11 days to investigate India's computer software education and industry. It was my monumental period in my life.
As you know, India's train very notorious for it's delay and uncomfortable seats. Whenever we took India's train, it never come to platform on time! On this day, 5 hours delayed. And the train was totally stuffed. But it was totally fine because we were just in India. No problem! :)


Dine said...

i, too, have been to India a number of times, but i have never dared to take the train. must be fun, since you are in a group.

Patrick Leong said...

i like to visit india one day. where exactly did you go ?

catalyst0527 said...

I travelled India twice.

At the first trip:
Delhi -> Puri -> Bangalore -> Jaipur -> Delhi

At the second trip:
Mumbai -> Goa -> Bangalore -> Channai

I want to go to India again someday! :)